Gift and Tip

There are a number of different ways to send gifts and tips. Check out the list below to get an idea of what I'm wishing for!

Send a Giftrocket card to com. Giftrocket is a new type of online gift card that is redeemable for money and can be used anywhere.

Wanna say hi? Send a little extra? Put a smile on my face? Pay for customs? You can send tips here! Click on the "fund me" option under my profile photo.

Electronic giftcards are a great way to send a surprise! Send cards to

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Looking for a more personal way to send some appreciation? Maybe you just like spoiling someone once in awhile. Check out my list and send me something I'm wishing for! I'd love to send a thank you if you leave your email on the gift note. My list usually has a variety of gifts to choose from. 

You can send tips even when I'm not online. Leave your email in your tipnote if you are tipping for something in particular.

Amazon E-Cards are always appreciated. Send to and leave your email in the card note for a thank you!

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