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Ohmibod and Lovense: Embrace the Demand!

Some of the most popular sex toys in the world of webcam modeling come from Ohmibod and Lovense. Contrary to popular belief, the names themselves are not the toys, but actually the branding. Both Ohmibod and Lovense have a variety of different toys to choose from.

Ohmibod was founded by Suki, an ex-Apple product marketer, and her husband Brian Dunham. Brian gifted his wife a vibrator and an Ipod for Christmas, thus inspiring the concept of music and pleasure combined. You're most likely to see the Club Panty Vibe from their line of adult toys on cam sites. Designed to respond to music, it didn't take long for creative cam models to take advantage of this opportunity. The Ohmibod Club Panty Vibe easily reacts to the sound of tips and creates an interactive experience for the users on site.

It wasn't long before the Ohmibod invasion occurred. What was once a respected type of show, soon became the bane of most model and user experiences

. Studios quickly adopted the Ohmibod as a staple. Nearly entire pages of available models could be seen with the device somewhere in sight. The craze was getting out of control and the performances as well. Word spread quickly of it's weak vibrations and something didn't quite add up with the exorcism-like responses to this device.

Most models, aside from Studios, abandoned the toy in fear of criticism from the community. However, despite the backlash, Studios and the few models remaining were going strong. The users interested in these shows didn't seem to care whether it was fake or not. Tokens were still flowing.

When all hope seemed lost for a legitimate interactive toy, Lovense came to save the day with the Lovense Lush. More popularly referred to as, "The Pink Dangler", Lovense developed a quality line of interactive adult toys. Heavily branded for use within long distance relationships, it was perfect for the Camgirl. Skepticism remained, but with the support of a few top models, the bandwagon was full again. As we saw an invasion similar to the Ohmibod, interest dwindled. The cycle was complete for a second time.

In my opinion, the Lovense is more popular than the Ohmibod, but still receiving quite a bit of hate amongst many of the cam models and members alike. Talk and speculation of faked shows is still high on the radar, but we can see a different side to the argument featured in this confession tweet.

Supply and demand is a funny thing. We're all aware that the majority of porn, whether it's these specific toys or not, is acting! We're in the business of entertainment and these types of shows are definitely being requested and supported. I'm going on the record to say, "hustle!" You keep providing what your audience is demanding. I think it's safe to say that these shows aren't going anywhere soon. I hope there's more development in the category of interactive adult toys. We're getting closer and closer to enjoying virtual reality experiences.

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