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Recovery Updates!


Just writing a quick blog to give some general updates since a lot of people are asking :) Most of you know that I was recently in an accident and sustained a pretty bad back injury. I fell 15 feet down into a ravine from a bridge. I have a compression fracture in my lower spine. It has been 5 weeks since the accident and I'm starting to feel better.

The first few days were the hardest for me and I could barely walk. The original ER I was taken to took xrays of my spine on the night of the accident. Their xrays didn't show anything wrong and they told me to go home. I was in indescribable pain and decided to go to urgent care for advice. My nurse was awesome and suggested I needed to follow up with a CT scan.

I went to a second ER that night and the CT scan showed the compression fracture in my L1. It was so close to my spinal cord and up against my spinal fluid sack that they wanted to do an MRI. Thankfully, the MRI results showed that were wasn't any damage to my spinal cord.

They doctors sent me home with pain medications and referred me to a neurosurgeon. My surgeon thinks I have improved greatly but he isn't quite sure if I am going to need a surgery or not. The surgery I would need is called a Kyphoplasty. Two 1cm incisions are made on either side of my spine for two long needles. One needle will be inserted into the L1 to blow up a stint in the collapsed area. The second needle will fill my compression fracture with a cement-like substance to provide more support.

This type of surgery typically takes about 30 minutes. The surgeon has told me that I will be put to sleep for it and feel immediate relief. He says the recovery time is brief. I'm just waiting for one last appointment before confirming this is my final option. Ideally, I don't want to have any kind of surgery, but my family has a bad history with bone health. I'm concerned that if I don't do it now that I will have chronic pain later on.

For now, I'm able to walk and move around quite well. I'm not allowed to lift heavy items, exercise, bend too much, or sit around too long. Nights are probably the hardest because I'm swollen and tired after a long day.. It has been a tough recovery and I didn't expect it to be so emotional. I am extremely lucky that I wasn't hurt worse. I'm really looking forward to feeling 100% again. I miss being able to get on cam and I hope to see everyone very soon :)

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