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Why I'm choosing Peach as an alternative to Onlyfans

Updated: Oct 28, 2021

Popular subscription-based website, Onlyfans, has essentially just banned porn. If you don't remember the Mastercard fiasco with Pornhub from just a little while ago I suggest you go read my blog post, "Crusaders vs Sex Workers, with Pornhub Caught in the Middle".

Email notification that Onlyfans will be changing their TOS. It's link to their new policy.
Email notification that Onlyfans will be changing their TOS
New Onlyfans TOS banning sexual intercourse, masturbation, and "extreme" display of genitalia.
New Onlyfans TOS banning sexual intercourse, masturbation, and "extreme" display of genitalia.

TLDR - Too Long, Didn't Read

Payment processors, such as Mastercard, are backed by anti-porn/sex work religious groups who are pushing for more censorship online. These groups claim to work towards saving victims of trafficking, when in reality, they are endangering sex workers and making it harder for actual victims to get help.

It starts with sex work, but it doesn't end there. Similarly to what we have witnessed in the evolution of YouTube's terms evolve over these past few years, these groups are eventually coming for everyone else. If you're not #ad friendly, you're going to be de-platformed.

The Aftermath

Now, let's talk about how the new Onlyfans TOS is impacting the lives of so many sex workers. During a global pandemic, many people turned to online sex work to supplement income loss from their in-person jobs. While a majority of the world was at home, quarantined, laid off, working from home, etc., internet traffic was booming. Of course, this led to more interest in the online adult entertainment industry as well as many others sectors of the internet.

Sex workers who have been around for a while and have built a loyal following will most likely survive the damage caused by the new Onlyfans terms. However, we were once in the same position as so many newbies who will be drastically affected by these changes. People using Onlyfans as their primary and/or only source of income (let's not forget, during a global pandemic) suddenly lost their job and may not have another option to return to.

If you're an asshole reading this and thinking, "aw too bad the sluts can't take the easy way out!", I'd advise you to try to be a real human with compassion and understand that no one deserves homelessness or starvation. These changes are affecting real people. People who have children and others who rely on them, and even if they don't, they're still a person who has the right to basic necessities for survival. If that doesn't convince you then you're probably garbage and there's no need for me to waste my time trying to explain something so simple.

Moving On...

So what's next? There are a lot of alternatives floating around, but I've made up my mind and settled with Peach. Owned and operated by Chaturbate, it has a competitive payout rate of 80%. I'll outline my reasoning below, but I highly recommend that you do your own research and decide what's best for you.

  • Brand Loyalty

I've been with Chaturbate for almost as long as they have existed and I'd prefer to stay within the same company. As I've always said, if they launched a video store or anything else I'd be the first to sign up. Having all of my business in one place is not only easy for me, but for my fanbase as well. This mindset is popular amongst many of their performers which has created a sense of community.

  • Trust

With 10 years of experience, exclusively in the adult industry, multiple nominations and awards, I believe they have earned my trust. I trust them to do right by their performers as well as protecting their own interests as an adult-friendly business.

  • Quality and Innovation

If you're not already blown away by the quality of content you can find on Chaturbate, then allow me to let you in on how awesome it is. Chaturbate was one of the first adult platforms to integrate OBS compatibility which has granted us the capability of 4k 60fps steaming. It has community driven open-source app development and I wholly expect Peach to boast similar capabilities.

  • Cross Promo

With Peach in full-swing, I can only imagine it's not long before we see a chat room ban, on Chaturbate, of the cross promotion of competitive websites. This is only an assumption based off of what Chaturbate's actions have been in the past. There was a time where Manyvids advertisements ran rampant in our chat rooms. That was until the dawn of the Manyvids live streaming addition to their platform.

Meaning, if I joined any other website I wouldn't have as much control over the flow of my traffic. That's been something that's very important in my own business model as much as many other creators. It was actually shocking to me that Onlyfans wasn't banned, but I think that was because Peach hadn't been fully launched yet.

It wouldn't make sense for me, as a creator whose main livestream platform is Chaturbate, to join a competitive website with no internal traffic that's banned from cross promotion.

  • Integration

This is a stretch and a DREAM, but there is potential that is so attractive to me that it's worth keeping in the back of my mind. A cam site connected to it's own subscription-based platform would be mind-blowing. Imagining a connection to my fan club, tips, apps, etc. from my live shows to a place where I can charge monthly is not only inspiring me to work harder, but it would also allow me to maximize my income.

  • Crypto Potential

This is a big one. Chaturbate already accepts crytpo as a payment method and Peach already offers it as a payout method. This could mean that crypto payment options would follow. With Mastercard going after Pornhub and Onlyfans, I can find comfort in the fact that there are backup payment methods planned for the future. It also leads me to believe that someone within the company is keeping a close eye on not only the most recent innovations of our time, but possibly the politics affecting our industry as well.

In Conclusion

Peach is still in beta, but it has great potential with the support of the Chaturbate community. Seeing what Chaturbate has done in 10 years is impressive. While I am always hopeful for more from their platform, I am confident that Peach can be just as good if not better in it's own way. Support is already in direct contact with their users and working with them on ways to improve the site.

As always, please do your own research and decide what's best for you. This is only my reasoning and explanation for fans who have been curious and performers wanting more information.

Follow me on Peach for FREE and please check out this thread of other creators you can follow too.

Credit to my friend Lex Vive for recommending this platform to me ♥

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