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Chaturbate User Guide

Updated: Dec 14, 2021

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Cam sites can be pretty intimidating if it's your first time visiting and you may even be wondering if this is a scam. You can find a lot of guides for new models but not a lot for the user. I'm going to introduce you to some of the basic navigation, terminology, etiquette, and more. Let's start with some quick FAQS and if you decide to register for an account, you can join Chaturbate here!

Q: Is your cam live and real?

A: Yes! I am a real human and interact in real-time with you!

Q: Is making an account safe?

A: Yes! Of course, you should never share your account login information with others though. Choose a strong password and 2-step verification when possible. Chaturbate does not even require an email for basic signup. If you make an account with my affiliate link I get credit!

Q: Is this cam site really free?

A: Technically, most cam sites are free and don't require any payment information from you. However, it is impolite to frequently watch a model and never contribute. You can contribute in many different ways if you aren't able to purchase site currency. Try to participate in the chat room, follow her on social media, favorite and retweet her promotions. You will need tokens if you want to help with a model's goals or buy her content.

Q: Why can't I chat in some rooms?

A: Models have full control over who can speak to them or view their cam. We are given a variety of settings that allows us to control the content of our room. Some rooms do not let users who have never purchased tokens participate in chat. This cuts down the chances of interactions involving minors, spam, fake accounts, and harassment. We can also limit the chat to users who have previously tipped us. Lastly, there are applications and bots designed to silence rude comments, spam, basic accounts, emotes, and more. You might have typed a banned word and your comment didn't show up.

Q: How much are tokens worth?

A: The model receives 5 cents per token on Chaturbate. Other sites have different conversion rates. The user typically pays more for their tokens than the model receives. The cam site takes a percentage to keep the site running.

Q: How do I tip you? Is that safe for me?

A: You can click "get more tokens" and Chaturbate will link package options for you. It is secure and easy. We aren't able to see any of your payment information. If you make an account with my affiliate link and purchase tokens I get an extra 20%!

Q: How much money do you make?

A: Performers consider this to be a very rude question. Our income and success rates vary. We are considered independent contractors and only earn what our viewers tip us. Cam sites take 30-60% of token costs before we see our share. Models must save 15-20% of each check to pay taxes at the end of each year. We invest a lot of time and money into our equipment and setups. Some broadcasters are earning below minimum wage and others up to $1 million dollars a year. (Maybe even more)

Q: Can I broadcast my own webcam?

A: Chaturbate allows anyone to instantly broadcast their webcam. Your webcam will be made public to the entire site unless you put a password on your chat room. Keep in mind that most models will not watch your cam unless you tip them first.

Q: Can I become a model on Chaturbate?

A: Yes! Chaturbate allows men, women, couples, and trans performers. You must first complete a registration form with identification and provide your tax ID number. Once you are approved, you can start earning your own tokens.


User Account

When you log into Chaturbate you can see your account listed in the top right corner of the page. This displays your username, token amount, profile link, and options to purchase tokens. Clicking on "MY PROFILE" will take you to yours where you can change your settings, memberships, register as a broadcaster, and more.


These are basic settings that every user has access to. Some sections will require that you are a verified model. I'm going to just cover the basics. The settings on your profile will allow you to:

-change your password

-enable 2-step verification

-connect an email address

-select your gender

-block access to your page/webcam from the main page, specific locations, network sites, or certain genders


This tab is located on your profile. If you join a model's Fanclub your membership information will show up here. You also can cancel at any time from this page.


User Tiers

There are several different tiers of users and you will start to notice certain colors mean certain things. The only exception to this list is if the model is running an application or bot in her room that customizes text color. These are the standards:

Broadcasters are verified Chaturbate models that can promote users to moderators and ban or silence users in their rooms.

Moderators are appointed by verified models and given the power to silence individual users, make changes to certain bots or apps, and type certain commands to help keep the room running. Most moderators do not get paid but enjoy contributing to their favorites, especially if they aren't able to tip. It's considered rude to ask to be a moderator. Models typically promote users to mods if they have known them for a while and can trust their judgment. A good moderator can help a model be very successful. A bad moderator can ruin a room and chase away other users and tippers.

Anon users are people who have not even made a basic account. They make up the majority of traffic on Chaturbate. Anon accounts don't have chatting privileges. Most anons are spam bots or traffic converted from pop-up ads on other porn sites.

Grey users do not have any tokens.

Light Blue means that the user has at least one token in their account and has tipped less than 50 tokens in the past two weeks.

Dark Blue users have tipped at least 50 tokens in the past two weeks.

Light Purple users have tipped at least 250 tokens in the past two weeks.

Dark Purple users have tipped at least 1000 tokens in the past two weeks.

Green users are members of the Fanclub in the current room you are visiting. Fanclub membership prices vary by model. Joining a Fanclub may get you special perks. Fanclub costs are automatically deducted as a monthly recurring payment. You may cancel in your settings at any time. Please note that joining a Fanclub will lock in your join price until your membership is canceled or expires.

Supporters have no specific upgraded color but their account has different site privileges. It costs $19.95 per month to remove ads, customize your chat font and color, and have site-wide private messaging capabilities.

**NOTE** Chaturbate allows users to change their color tier in their settings. They can't change color to appear to have tipped more. They can only change color to appear to have tipped less.



Chaturbate limits how many tokens you can purchase in a certain time period. This helps to limit fraud and chargebacks. You can increase your spending limit by sending in verification to support. They may ask for a copy of your photo ID and more.

Apps and Bots

Applications and bots are mainly developed by other users and models. They are designed to help run the room goals and games. They can do simple things like counting the tokens for a model and more complicated tasks such as selling and managing tickets to hidden cam shows. Look below the model's cam for information on the currently active app. You can also find bot and app information in the chat window. Some of them have interactive commands that let you participate in games and polls. Be sure to ask a mod or model if you are confused or need help.

Page Rank

Chaturbate ranks their home page by how many registered viewers are watching a cam. The room with the most gets the top spot. The stats update every 60 seconds and that's why you are not likely to see the same cam always listed in the same spot.

Camera Settings

When you are watching a live model you can change the picture quality by clicking the gear icon in the bottom right of the cam section. This might help if your internet isn't fast enough to load 1080p or if you want to increase the quality. You can only increase the quality to the highest level the model is broadcasting in though. Some models aren't capable of broadcasting in HD. You will also find the full-screen option here. Under the tips stats, you can see a grey box that says "Full Video Mode (beta)" where Chaturbate is testing full screen including a chat window pop-out.


If you provide an email address in your account settings you will receive email notifications when models you have followed go live. The follow button is orange and can be found on a model's profile even if they are offline. Following a model will also keep them organized in a separate tab on your home page. You can ignore the rest of the site if you only want to watch your favorites.


The tags tab will allow you to search for certain models in certain categories. Models are allowed to hashtag their streams with the appropriate labels to drive more interest or traffic. Some examples of categories you can browse are milf, anal, feet, and mistress. There's something for everyone!

Satisfaction Score

Tipping 25 tokens in a room will let you give a model a thumbs up or thumbs down. Models are allowed to hide their scores if they want to. Votes expire every 90 days. If a score gets too low there will be a warning to tippers that the stream may not be recommended. This was implemented to help fight against model accounts that were scamming, breaking the rules, hacked, or faked.

Reporting Abuse

The top right corner of a cam has a blue link that says "report abuse". You can use this feature to send reports to support if you think someone may be breaking the rules. It will give a drop-down box with a few options to choose from. You can also leave a comment if something isn't listed or you have other concerns. You should not send in a report unless you are sure something is against the rules. Sending in false reports can put your account at risk of termination. Read the terms of service if you are unsure about the rules.


Models are given the option to provide private one-on-one shows to users where you may be allowed a more intimate and custom experience. Some models have prerequisites that need to be met before you are allowed to request a private show. Be sure to ask about minimum minutes required or deposits. Private prices vary by model but are between 6-150 tokens per minute through the Chaturbate service settings. Some broadcasters offer to record private shows that will be automatically saved to your account. Every model is different and the best thing you can do is ask.


Group shows are similar to privates but you won't have a one-on-one experience. There is usually a minimum amount of users required before the show starts but groups tend to be cheaper. Chaturbate settings allow us to charge 6-30 tokens per minute for the group.

Password Shows

Chaturbate allows models to set a password on their room. Sometimes you will find models that have better rates for groups or privates that aren't based on tokens per minute. The model will give you a password and you will be able to view her cam in a more exclusive setting until the show is over.

Ticket Shows

As I previously mentioned, some apps and bots allow us to schedule and set ticket-based shows. These are typically done through an app called "CrazyTicket". Models can set a fixed price for a show and if you tip the amount you will be able to see the cam. Or models can set a goal and if you have tipped towards the goal you will also be able to view the cam once the goal is reached. Anyone who hasn't contributed won't be able to view it. These are my best-recommended types of shows. There is no pressure of pay per minute and there are a lot of lovely models offering wonderful deals.

Spy Shows

On the Chaturbate home page, you will find a tab for spy shows. These are all of the models that are currently in private that you may spy on for a cheaper price. Spying is cheaper because you won't be able to chat or control the show at all. The rates vary from 6-30 tokens per minute.

My Collection

If you purchase photos or videos that are hosted on Chaturbate's servers they will be saved to your collection. This is also where recorded private shows will go. Please be aware that any content you buy indirectly from the "pics & videos" section will not be automatically saved. Videos bought from external sites or tipped for with tokens DO NOT get saved into the collection. If a model deletes her content from the Chaturbate servers you will no longer have access to it in your collection.

Private Messaging

It's exactly how it sounds! You may send a private message to another user or model in the same room as you. There may be some account-based restrictions though and different models have different rules. Some models refuse to accept private messages. Fanclub members get private messaging capabilities in the room their membership is tied to. Supporters get private messaging capability in all rooms.

Chat Settings

This is a little gear icon next to the user count and PM tab when you are in a chat room. (Don't worry if you can't see the PM tab. It only shows up if you have messages.) The gear icon lets you do quite a few things.

-Customize font color, style, and size

-Disable or enable chat emoticons

-Change your highest tip color

-Increase or decrease the volume of tips

-View and edit ignored users (Clicking the name of another user will give you the option to ignore them. If you don't like someone this is an easy way to never see their chat again.)

Contacting Support

If for some reason you need help with your account you may email

Chaturbate Blog


These are some very basic rules to follow in every model's room!

-Tip before making requests. Users often try to take advantage of models and that's why we require payment first.

-Don't spam! Every room is different. Spam can be considered caps lock chatting, too many gifs, and "sticky keys" (heyyyyyyyy)

-No form of advertising is acceptable in a model's room. Don't advertise your cam, SoundCloud, YouTube, other models, or anything else.

-Be respectful and ask questions if you don't know the rules

-Remember that this is the model's job. Controversial subjects and arguments aren't going to help her make her goals.

-Scroll down and check out the profiles! You can find the answers to almost all of your questions there.

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Jan 14


the thumbs up button for 25tip is not visible On iPhone ? Or any advice how to find? w


Jace Jensen
Jace Jensen
Nov 27, 2022

The explanation of colors is not exactly correct. Any of the colors may have zero tokens. Light Blue indicates that at some point the user purchased tokens. Grey indicates the user has never purchased tokens. I don't believe a Light Blue user ever turns back Grey.

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