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The perfect girl comes in all sizes. With Petite RealDoll, you can finally capture the flawless look of your fantasy petite companion into your own erotic love doll for sex. Make her into your ideal size by selecting from slimmer waist and hip proportions ranging from itsy-bitsy to ultra-customized dreamlike dimensions

Petite RealDoll erotic dolls shrink the crowd-pleasing features of RealDoll into perfectly petite frames of delicate XXS-S sizes. Expressive and alluring, you can mold your ideal cup size and sex features and craft your dream girl from a full selection of perfect pouts, entrancing eye colors, and beautifully brushable hair. We design each and every sex doll to your exacting specifications, using only the most lifelike textures and materials. You can even provide a photograph and we’ll capture your ultimate look.

Since 1996, RealDoll has delivered handcrafted, realistic erotic dolls for every taste. With a Petite RealDoll, you can perk up the bedroom with a lovable sex doll companion that’s just the right proportions.




Monster Cocks was born from the twisted mind of Michael Wilson, the Co-owner of Abyss Creations (RealDoll Manufacturer). With over a decade in the special effects industry and a long standing interest and respect for the idea of sexual expression, Michael decided to merge his two interests and join the creative crew at Abyss Creations in 2011.