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Cam Room Organization Ideas

Updated: Dec 9, 2020

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When I first started camming I was lucky to have a spare room in my house. I was not so lucky that the room had ugly purple shag carpet. I did not have a desk so my laptop was usually set up on either a cardboard box or plastic tote. I used a Logitech webcam and no external mic. I broadcasted 240-480p at 30fps.

My setup has come a long way since then and I have learned so many things about organizing. It is far from my dream room because, ultimately, I would love to be able to cam, film, set up backdrops, print, and ship all from one space. Right now, I am utilizing a small loft area for the printing and shipping services.

This guide should be helpful for anyone looking for cam organization tips and tricks.


Utilizing Vertical Space

Let's start by going over how you can take advantage of the vertical space behind your doors! I use over the door hanging pockets, hooks, and shoe racks to organize lingerie and toys.

The first picture shows how my toys and some shoes are stored in this pocket organizer. I don't recommend the one that I am using because of the plastic pockets. I have had some discoloration issues with a few of my toys.

Instead, I would suggest buying one like this that is made of fabric or mesh so there is no risk.

You can use standard over the door hooks like the one in picture 2, but I prefer the shoe rack in picture 3 to maximize usable space. I know it looks like chaos, but I swear by this method vs. drawers or anything else.

If you are anything like me, you probably like to collect a ton of stuff that you never use simply because it's not easy to get to and you can't see that you have. There is a method to the madness!

Each individual wire hook, that's meant for a shoe, has a certain color and design of lingerie hung up on it. This makes it easy for me to quickly get to the majority of my collection during live shows without the mess. No folding and no hangers needed!


The Closet

The madness continues on into the closet where I have used some cheap shelving units and clear plastic bins to categorize smaller items and individual pieces of lingerie.

Each bin is labeled for:

  • garters

  • straps and harness

  • tops

  • bottoms

  • stockings

  • attachments

  • accessories

  • collars

  • bdsm

  • nipple play

  • and more

I have used a tension rod from the back of the closet to the front to create another place to hang lingerie from. You can get hangers with multiple hooks on them in order to be able to hang up more pieces.

If you don't have a closet you could use a wardrobe or clothing rack instead.

I have also used these tension rods in the sink area of my room to hang up my wigs. These hanging zipper bags are a great way to store your wigs so they won't get tangled up and ruined. Keep in mind that you will need to buy the hangers separately. I used baby hangers because they were the only ones that would fit through the top holes.


Desk Area and Cables

For your desk space, you can get a table like this for less than $100 and it will work perfectly fine. You can even use a cheap plastic folding table. This computer desk is awesome because you can fit small dressers and drawers underneath them. I use a lightweight fabric dresser next to mine for lube, hats, paddles, baby wipes, and other necessities for show.

Cables were a huge problem for me until I invested in some fairly cheap organization products. From left to right, cable sleeves, ties, and desktop clips.

These cable sleeves are great for grouping your cords together. You pull apart the plastic tabs like a binder ring and slide the cables inside. Fair warning, they are made of hard plastic and rough on the fingers. In the photo below, I've used this sleeve to bundle my camera cords together so they don't get tangled and yanked during my shows.

Notice how the control panel for the ring light is exposed. This unique cable sleeve design is perfect to use with equipment for this reason. Your battery packs and control panels will still be easily accessible, unlike with many other variations.


Beds and Storage

If you have space for a bed in your cam room, it's a great place for more storage. My bed frame has 3 drawers along the bottom where I store the majority of my sex toys.

I like to organize and separate my sex toys with these little plastic bins. At first, I was worried that the plastic material would have a negative reaction with some of my toys. Most of these toys are made of a high-grade silicone though so there isn't too much to worry about. These toys have all been safely stored with zero damage for the last six months.

A cheaper alternative to these bulky storage frames would be something similar to this frame on the left. These basic frames are great because there is so much space underneath them for baskets and tubs! You can drape a cute oversized comforter on top to hide your mess if you don't feel like being super neat with it.


More Storage Ideas

Zipper bags are a good way to store lingerie under your bed frame. You can easily pull them out by the handle, pick through, and slide them back under for quick access to your collection.

The two sitting benches are great dual-purpose items. I love that they can function as furniture while also keeping your space organized. The tufted sitting bench would be a great place to store your sex toys. You could put them all in individual bags or containers like I have used.


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