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Organically Growing and Managing Your Twitter

Updated: Dec 9, 2020

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Some of us have been wondering whether or not we're shadowbanned *raises hand*. The lack of engagement can be disheartening. It feels so awful to post something you worked hard on and barely get a response in comparison to your following. The Twitter algorithm is probably partly to blame, but there are things we can work towards to get the most out of our social media.

Here's a quick checklist to get you started! If you want to learn more about the details, keep reading.



Twitter has a built-in analytics system that you can check at any time. Understanding analytics is a huge part of managing social media. We want to know when our followers are most active, what they enjoy interacting with, and how our growth is doing.

If you're on a desktop, click on "...more" in the lefthand pane of your Twitter window. You will see "analytics" listed so go ahead and click there. This will open up your analytics page and you will be able to see how your followers are interacting with you. The default page is the "home" page. You can see two other tabs at the top labeled "Tweets" and "More".


I'm going to focus on the home page, first. At the top, is a 28 day summary of how well your Twitter account is doing compared to the previous 28 day cycle.

In order to achieve steady growth, you will need to look into the details behind these numbers. Tweeting more often may bump the stats in the other categories. However, you want the effort you put into your social media to be worth your time.

You can achieve more impressions by creating quality content vs. random postings. Start thinking of yourself more as a business than an individual. Be personable, but also professional. I realize that it's a fine line and we're still human, but there is always room for improvement. Manage your business with the respect you would give to someone else's if you were working for them.

Underneath the 28 days summary is where you will see highlights for the current month and a summary is listed on the right. Look at your top tweet and analyze why it did so well. What time was it posted? Is there any media attached? Why do you think this post was so popular? Find out what's working for you and then keep doing it.

You will also see your top mention, top follower, and top media tweet listed. Do the same thing for each of those. It seems pretty simple, but I don't know why it took me so long to start looking at my posts the way that I do now. Mentions are important and I didn't consider this as much in the past as I do now. Your engagement in the community matters.

Each time you engage with someone is another opportunity to build upon those analytics we see at the top of the page. This does not mean that you should go poaching for impressions in other models replies and some of you may be wondering now if other models have been doing this to you.

I say, stop worrying! Everyone benefits from engagement on Twitter. When you comment on someone else your followers will see them as well. They will earn impressions from your following. Come from a place with good intentions and recognize this for the sake of each other. If we work together we can overcome the suppression we face on these platforms.

Many models are willing to trade interactions on social media. Try approaching some of your friends first and ask if they are willing to engage with your posts if you do the same for them. I don't recommend reaching out to models you don't know very well. Even if you have good intentions, let's face it, a lot of us have been burned and we don't trust just anyone. It can be offensive to approach someone and ask them for their time when they don't have any kind of relationship with you.



This is an even more detailed page of analytics. There is a chart at the top that shows exactly how many total impressions you received each day. You can also see a drop down menu in the top right corner with a little calendar that says "Last 28 days". This is where you can change the date range to view only certain periods of data. Maybe you only want to know how well you did last December.

Below, you will see a list of your most recent tweets, a tab for top tweets, another for tweets and replies, and the last is for promoted tweets. You can ignore the last category because this is only for companies who buy promotion. As far as I know, Twitter does not allow sex workers to purchase advertising space.

To the right, you can see more stats related to your engagement. One of the most important numbers is the percent of engagement you have. Don't be discouraged if this number is low! Anything over 6% would be absolutely insane. An engagement rate that is less than 1% is considered to be low engagement by social media experts. Experts say that anything in between 1% and 3.5% of engagement rate is about average or pretty good. Engagement over 3.5% is very good.

So how can we increase our engagement? Start by asking for it! Ask your followers to comment on, retweet, and favorite your posts. You can also look into social media giveaways and contests. Post more engaging content based on that stats you just looked into. Photos and videos are very popular. We live in the age of rapid digital media consumption. Keep producing new stuff every day.


Recommended Apps

Here I have listed some free and safe websites that can help your on your journey towards more growth. These are some of my favorites that I have found over the last few years. Try searching for more on your own and see if you can find an even better fit your needs.

Easily create beautiful promo graphics, content calendars, and informational flyers. The first image in this post was created with Canva! I cannot recommend this enough.

Schedule Tweets and see all of your Twitter activity simultaneously in one window.

Pick a winner from a retweet contest. Manually picking a winner from a contest is time consuming and not always the fairest option. You can paste the link to a Twitter contest on this website and Tweetdraw will randomly choose the winner for you.

***Note: I think Tweetdraw may limit you to only one winner who has retweeted the post, but there are other similar websites that can draw multiple winners from favorites and comments as well.

Check on different social media platform analytics and see live follower counts on:











The free version will allow you to connect your Twitter account and analyze your follower activity. This will allow you to know when most people who follow you are using Twitter. Try to create posts around the times that most of your followers are active.


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