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Sinnovator Sex Toys: Where Fantasy Meets Quality

Updated: Dec 10, 2020

This post contains references to products that were received as a gift in exchange for a feature on my social media. All opinions are my own.

"Born of a desire to deliver the quality that people deserve, both in terms of design and material, Sinnovator came into existence as a result of witnessing first-hand the harmful chemicals being used in sex toys. After acquiring an existing brand, the team were horrified by some of the processes being used. This sparked their passion to create superior sex toys that are not only 100% body safe, but that have also been expertly engineered for maximum gratification and unparalleled aesthetic design. Loopholes in the sex toy industry have made it difficult to regulate, resulting in toxic materials and unsafe products becoming rife. This premium brand aims to assist people in being as safety and health conscious with their sex toys as they are with everything else they put in their body!"

This toy caught my attention because of its unique shape and size. It is now the largest toy in my collection! Personally, I don't think I will be able to use the entire length, but I do think it is going to make some interesting content.

For those of you who love depth-training and being completely filled up, this is a great product to add to your collection. I really liked the quality of the silicone used as well as the firmness.

In fact, most of their products are totally customizable and they have some great options. You can choose between sizes, firmness, custom colors, vac-u-lock bases, and suction cup bases. These toys are made with platinum grade silicone and they feel silky smooth.

I did have some problems getting the suction cup to stay stuck. I tried to get it to stick to my TOM mount as well as a flat plastic tote lid and neither would work. I tried wetting the bottom of the suction cup to provide more "stick" and that didn't work either. It seemed that the toy was a bit too top-heavy and, possibly, that the suction cup was too shallow.

I think that the vac-u-lock base may be a better option. I am a huge fan of vac-u-lock bases because of how compatible they are with different types of cam shows and for personal use as well. The vac-u-lock base would allow you to use this toy with a strap-on, fuck machine, and other vac-u-lock adaptable bases.

Overall, this is a professional company with high-quality toys and a great variety too! You can find other fantasy toys, realistic ones, buttplugs, compatible bases, and kegal eggs.

Fantasy meets reality in this eclectic collection of premium quality platinum silicone dildos and butt plugs. Lovingly hand-sculpted from clay, each design is completely unique and showcases hours of painstaking detail. With talented visionaries at the helm, this stunning selection of sex toys is the product of imaginations running wild. Expertly engineered for optimum pleasure and amazing aesthetic design, each item has been affectionately nurtured from simple idea through to finished concept. As a pioneer for the importance of using body-safe sex toys, Sinnovator only uses the finest quality, platinum silicone in our creations. 100% body safe and perfectly pliable, these creations follow the natural contours of the body for customised pleasure. Choose from animal dildos, animal butt plugs, fisting dildos and more to ensure your favourite ‘ fantasy’ is fulfilled

For a closer look at this product, you can watch the initial unboxing on my Youtube channel

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