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The Hydromax 7 by Bathmate: A Penis Pump

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When asking my Twitter followers if they had ever tried a penis pump, 46% answered, "no- not interested." This was shocking to me as I often read complaints about the lack of toys for people with penises. There were a few comments about positive experiences with penis pumps that fueled my curiosity.

Twitter Poll
Twitter Poll

There seems to be some confusion on what a penis pump can realistically do. Pumps are a fun way to heighten sensation, extend pleasure, and build confidence. I had just received an email from a company called Bathmate and they had offered to send me the Bathmate Hydromax7. I can't test this product on myself, but I can use it as an opportunity to talk about how penis pumps work, why you should consider using one, and how the Hydromax differs from traditional pumps.

HydroMax7 Bathmate Penis Pump
HydroMax7 Bathmate Penis Pump

What is a penis pump and how does it work?

Penis pumps (sometimes referred to as a vacuum pump or vacuum erection pump) are used to draw blood to the penis. This is done by placing the penis in a tube specially built for this purpose, creating a vacuum seal against the pubic area, and then pumping with air or water.

The pressure created here draws blood to the skin’s surface, which helps in obtaining and maintaining an erection. The pumping and vacuum action can also be pleasurable for some people.

Benefits of using a penis pump

As I mentioned in a recent unboxing video of the Hydromax7, while I haven’t personally used a penis pump I have used a pussy pump, and it did increase my sensitivity. Penis pumps work in the same way, increasing blood flow to the penis and enhancing stimulation.

Many penis pump users have said they experience longer, harder erections as a result of using pumps because of the increased blood flow. It is not impossible to see strength and muscle control with consistent, safe exercise.

Some people use penis pumps to delay ejaculation. The suction can cause a slight numbness that can make orgasm more difficult to achieve. Some readers may be wondering why you would want to do that?? Well! There are several different reasons. Delayed orgasms can be really intense and lasting longer can be a confidence boost.

People suffering from erectile dysfunction or who have undergone prostate surgery have also reported benefits from using penis pumps.

Using pumps for foreplay with your partner

As mentioned above, using a penis pump can help you last longer and heighten sensitivity during play, leaving some people with penises feel more confident with their partners.

Introducing a penis pump into foreplay can be exciting and fresh. Penis pumps and other sex toys are an awesome way to experiment and figure out what gets you excited and makes you feel sexy. Using penis pumps and other sex toys to demonstrate on yourself or each other can be so helpful in determining how to make each other feel good.

Bathmate Penis Pump Kit
Bathmate Penis Pump Kit

How are Bathmate pumps different from other pumps?

The Bathmate Hydromax7 uses warm water rather than air to create the vacuum seal. The even pressure distribution provided by the water means there’s no painful compression as you pump. Not only can this be more comfortable for most users, but the water also helps with cleanup after use.

I liked this statement from the Bathmate website: “The natural feeling [of warm water rather than air] helps to improve performance quite a bit in both psychological and physical ways. If you’re feeling nervous or unusual, you won’t get the full possible results, while the warmth of water contact helps your penis tissue stretch and expand.”

So if you’re nervous at all or haven’t really used sex toys before, this is a great way to start.

There’s actually a whole community of Bathmate enthusiasts over on Reddit! The users there share tips, advice, and testimonials, which I encourage you to check out.

Safety Precautions

I cannot stress this enough: read the directions and then follow them. They’re written to keep you safe while also getting the most out of what Bathmate offers. The Bathmate instructional booklet is really helpful and clear, with easy-to-follow diagrams and masturbation tips. Be sure to read the information and familiarize yourself with how the pump works beforehand -- you don’t want to have a vacuum-sealed to your genitals with no idea how to get it off.

Along those same lines, don’t overdo it! Bathmate recommends using their products no more than three five-minute sets, for a maximum of 15 minutes, per day. You risk broken blood vessels or worse injury if you over-pump your penis.

If you’re at all concerned about introducing a penis pump into your sex life due to health concerns such as a blood disorder or certain medications you may be taking, talk to your doctor. They are there to help you, not judge you!

5 different Bathmate Penis Pump Models
Bathmate Penis Pump Models

Managing Expectations

Like anything else, the Bathmate Hydromax7 is not a one-size-fits-all, magic-pill product. There are a lot of satisfied customers out there, yes, but everybody is different. Bathmate offers a couple of different models to choose from.

I hope you found this guide to penis pumps and the Bathmate Hydromax7 helpful! For more you can check out my unboxing video for a closer look.


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