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Unboxing and First Impressions of the RealCock 2: Jones and Rockwell

Updated: Dec 9, 2020

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I'm always on the hunt for high-quality realistic dildos that I can use for my webcam shows and content. The RealCock 2 has been on my radar forever and I finally have the pleasure of owning two different models!

Length 6-1/2” | Circumference 4-3/4″ | Diameter 1-5/8” - $499.00

Length 6-1/2” | Circumference 5-1/2″ | Diameter 1-7/8” - $499.00

The RealCock 2 was created by Abyss Creations. Abyss Creations also makes high-quality realistic sex dolls and monster-themed toys. I cannot rave enough about the quality of their products.

The next generation of the most realistic cock, featuring triple layering and Sil-Slide™ technology sliding outer skin as well as individual floating testicles. Each RealCock 2 is compatible with the very popular Vac-U-Lock system made famous by Doc Johnson. Ready to be used with any Vac-U-Lock Strap-on Harness or Sex Machine.

Of course, these toys are more expensive than your average dildo or vibrator. Investing in ultra-realistic and luxury toys is not something that is required to be successful in adult entertainment. Success comes from many different aspects, including luck! However, if you plan to stay in the industry, you want comfort, and you want to impress your audience -- these are fantastic products to add to your collection.

Comfort and quality is an important part of any performance. I have been camming and creating content for over 9 years. One of the worst parts of my job is being able to find toys that I can fall in love with. I mostly sell solo content so I try to look for toys that can further the fantasy I want to create. These are the most realistic toys I have ever seen.

In the past, a lot of toys were made out of a "jelly" material. I put "jelly" in quotes because, honestly, who knows what it really was. It wasn't body-safe and often times it would melt or become disfigured. Especially, when touching other toys!

These gelatinous monstrosities have no business being in your business (or personal life for that matter). Upgrade to high-quality silicone and feel the difference. The Sil-Slide™ technology in the RealCock 2 feels very close to real skin. It's flexible, soft but firm, and warms to your body.

Another noteworthy feature of the RealCock 2, is the Vac-U-Lock compatible bases. Vac-U-Lock bases are incredible because they are so versatile. You can purchase many different base styles and adapters online. This means that you can use your RealCock2 with a strap-on harness, a Vac-U-Lock suction cup base, and Vac-U-Lock compatible fuck machines.

I have over 100 different sex toys and even my favorites have led to some disappointment. The most expensive toys I own are sometimes not compatible with different types of shows/activities. The RealCock 2 can be compatible with every type of setup I have.

I think I have experienced everything that could go wrong when making a sex toy purchase. Embarrassing deliveries, wrong items, and defective items. My expectations are low. Sometimes you get a really amazing looking toy that hurts to use. Sometimes you get a really comfortable toy that is not so attractive. The RealCock 2 needs to be the new bar for all sex toys.

Watch my Youtube video to see the unboxing! I give a close up look at the quality of these toys and more details from my initial first impressions.


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