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Weekly Recap: Christmas Cards are back!

Hello again, everyone! It's the first weekend of December and it's going to be a crazy month for me!!

Personal Life

Winter is a difficult season for me to get through. The cloudy cold weather puts a huge damper on my mood. All I want to do is cook and clean my house. It's been challenging to find something new to replace my outdoor hobbies during this time. I can tell I haven't been feeling like myself and sometimes it's hard to get out of the rut.

Took my camera out to try and enjoy a patch of nice weather - autumn leaves
Took my camera out to try and enjoy a patch of nice weather

On top of the dreary weather, I've noticed myself having more back pain than usual. As many of you know, I had an accident a few years ago where I fell about 15 feet off of a bridge. It's a terrible memory for me so we won't get into too much detail. I wrongly assumed my body would be the same as before the accident.

For the most part, my back feels ok if I stay active. This damn dreary weather and the rut I've been stuck in haven't been inspiring any physical activity. For a while, I was going to the gym on a regular basis and it was nice, but when you fall off the wagon it's hard to get back on. I needed something a bit more gentle.


I went to my first and second yoga classes this week. Absolutely 100% highly recommend. I thoroughly enjoyed it and I think it's something I will continue to do. It felt good to stretch my body and it did wonders for my mind. I can sense less tension in both of these areas.

Yoga perked me up enough to want to get my bike out again. The weather isn't too miserably cold yet for that. I tried some more difficult trails than I'm typically used to. A little scary, but very fun. I am still feeling sore though.

Deer on the bike path
Deer on the bike path

Work Life

I started the week off by visiting my PO box and I was so surprised to find two packages I thought had gone missing. One of the packages was a gift from a fan and it included their favorite cookbook (best recipes highlighted with sticky notes) and some magnetic metal pans to help with my DIY projects around the house. Such a thoughtful present and I am very excited to try these recipes.

Gifted: Southern Living Cookbook and magnetic trays
Gifted: Southern Living Cookbook and magnetic trays

One good thing about the dreary weather is that it makes me want to write more often. I fantasize about sipping coffee, laptop in front of me, cozied up on the couch with my pets. Anyways, I'll put a little list below of things I've been working on and link to where you can find them.

Christmas Cards and Ornament Package Bundles

They're back again! Pre-order now to get yours by Christmas. Send me a message on any platform for payment information. Instantly purchasable on my Onlyfans with a tip!

Christmas Package Pricing and Information
Christmas Package Pricing and Information

New Photos

This full set of HD photos is included with your subscription to my Onlyfans page.

More photo sets were uploaded to my AP Clips store this week! My goal is to have my complete collection of photos hosted on one site.

New Videos

There will be a video released to my Manyvids store every Monday and Friday for the entire month of December!

The first video release is Foot Fetish JOI for all of my foot lovers.

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