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My Holy Trio of Camera Lenses For Live Streams and Content

#1 - Sigma 16mm f/1.4 DC DN Contemporary Lens for Sony E

A fast focusing wide-angle lens at a fantastic price. This is a huge upgrade from a kit lens and a great start for beginners or budget-conscious buyers. It is small and compact but feels heavy because of the good build quality. With a fixed focal length of 16mm, it is perfect for small spaces and crop censor cameras like the Sony A6500. The f1.4 aperture gives a creamy bokeh effect and allows this lens to perform well in low light.

Note: This lens is designed for crop sensor cameras. Make sure to verify that it is compatible with your specific model and brand or if there is an adapter. It will work with Sony full-frame cameras if the camera is in "Super 35" mode


#2 - Sigma 18-50mm F2.8 DC DN Contemporary for Sony E Mounts

This lens is small, light, and versatile. The 18-50mm range makes it another great choice for small spaces. It is sharp with fast and silent autofocus. An aperture of f2.8 gives the background a decent creamy bokeh effect, but not as smooth as f1.4. The versatility of the zoom range is where this lens shines. It's more convenient to leave your camera in one spot and change the focal length than it is to move the tripod closer or farther away. This is especially true if you are working alone.


#3 - Sony FE 24mm F1.4 GM Full Frame Wide-angle Prime Lens

A compact wide-angle master lens. Extraordinary smooth bokeh, even exposure, sharp images, and amazing in low light. This lens has a fixed focal range of 24mm which is still good for small spaces. Stunning sharp images and incredibly fast autofocus. The price reflects the quality and value of this lens. If the budget allows for this lens you won't need an upgrade or replacement for quite a while.

Note: I would not recommend using this lens on a crop sensor camera unless you intend to upgrade to full frame in the future. This lens truly shines on a full-frame camera.


Additional Notes:

  • The focal length of your lenses changes based on whether you are using a crop sensor or full frame camera

  • Some lenses are compatible with different camera brands, but may require lens adapters to work

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