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Webcam Model Guide for HD Streaming - Computers Crash Course

Updated: Dec 9, 2020

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High definition streams have been proven to generate more traffic and income. These streams are also placed higher on the front page of Chaturbate than lower quality streams. If you want to learn how to upgrade your computer for HD streaming, then keep reading. I plan to do several different crash courses in this series of blogs. Each course will cover the basics of setting up a good stream. These articles will cover OBS, audio, cameras, and lighting.

Computer Requirements

Your computer needs to be fast enough to handle your camera and OBS software without lag. I recommend familiarizing yourself with how processors, graphics cards, RAM, and SSDs work. You do not need the fastest performing computer if you are only planning to use your webcam instead of a DSLR/Mirrorless camera.

Processor (CPU) - A processor determines how quickly your computer thinks. This will have an affect on your framerate and resolution. Their are two major brands called Intel and AMD. Most processors have multiple cores. Getting the best processor within your budget would be a good investment for the future of your streams.

Graphics Card (GPU) - This is what converts data into the images you see on your monitor. A good graphics card will allow you simultaneously stream and record it without problems. The editing and rendering process for videos will also be quicker and smoother. My current laptop is equipped with an NVIDIA GTX 1060, but there are much better on the market right now. My desktop has a GTX 1080 Ti.

RAM - This is your computer's short-term memory space. It will temporarily store information to speed up tasks. 8GB of RAM is sufficient, but 16GB will give you the best results. You can clear your RAM by restarting your computer.

Hard Drive (HD) - The hard drive is used to store data and files on your system. You will need a big hard drive if you want to create a lot of content. Recording in HD and taking high resolution photos will take up a lot of space. I would not be satisfied with less than 1TB of storage on my HD.

Solid State Drive (SDD) - This is a separate storage space from the HD that operates much more quickly. When you store programs, games, and files here they will respond faster than the ones store on your HD. 250GB of SSD is sufficient, but I would aim for 500GB as the best investment.

My laptop recommendation would be this ASUS. This is a great laptop that will last you several years and give you a lot for your money.The display screen is a little small so I would suggest getting a second monitor for your setup. A second monitor can be connected via HDMI cable. This will allow you to have one screen for your chat window and another screen for your camera preview. Having more screen space will make the chat easier to read and you can open multiple tabs without missing anything important.

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