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Weekly Recap: I Finally Made Some Good Chicken

Updated: Aug 25, 2023

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Personal Life Stuff

The last time I went to the orthodontist they told me that I was going to have bands put on at my next appointment. I thought they meant the ones that connect your top and bottom jaw, but I was wrong. What they really meant was that they were going to take fairly thick rubber bands and force them down in between my teeth with floss.

I've already broken one of the bands. They told me not to eat anything chewy or sticky. Sticky is understandable, but isn't all food...chewy? I decided nothing was going to stop me from attempting to make the juiciest and most tender chicken breast of my dreams. Chicken is something I have really struggled to cook. It always turns out too bland and dry or rubbery. Not this time! I pounded it thinner and soaked it in a salt brine. Then I coated it with flour and spices before pan-frying in a little olive oil.

With the stress of the holidays behind me, I feel lighter and in the mood for some premature spring cleaning. My upstairs closet was overflowing cords into the hallway. My ridiculously massive collection of tripods has been successfully hidden under the guest bed. When you work from home it's hard to keep work separated from your personal living space. Nevertheless, I believe it's important to evaluate that separation and detangle when you can.

Work Life Stuff

This week I streamed some Sims4 and Planet Zoo in Discord. I organized my office which is always good because I make lots of content when my office is ready-to-go. I thought it would be fun to make up a rewards system for my Onlyfans subscribers. For every 100k total likes, I will release a free video and they can choose the theme. We've just reached 300k so this will be the third free video unlocked and I think anal is winning the theme vote.

Proud moment! I was sending out a free video to all of my subscribers with rebill turned on when I discovered that 83% of all subs rebill every month. That's about 550 members! Anyways, it just feels really cool to know that so many people are enjoying what I've been posting.

I've still been making small changes, here and there, to the website. I'm trying to get new posts up several times per month with these kinds of updates in between. My most recent blog post is about a new webcam called Opal C1 that boasts DSLR quality streaming capabilities.

New Photos

AP Clips is my main platform selling photos aside from Onlyfans. Onlyfans subscribers usually get to see this content included with their subscription or at a discounted price. I upload multiple sets on AP Clips weekly.

New Videos

The cheapest place to buy my videos is on my Onlyfans. You can also find the majority of them for sale on Manyvids.

All of the presents that were sent to me for Christmas were opened on camera and recorded. This recording was posted to Onlyfans. Thank you so much to everyone who sent gifts! ♥







⭐B Was Here







NO SOUND. sexy dim lighting tease in lingerie. Lots of good angles and cleavage. Wearing a black mesh bodysuit with sparkles. Booty, zoom-ins, nice thighs, and black stockings.

Rubbing my pussy on my heel. Getting my heels super wet so I can slide and grind. Perfect video for foot fetishists! Pretty white pedicured toenails and bush.

Rolling around teasing in a silky black pajama dress and heels.

I post highlights from my live shows for free on my Onlyfans timeline.

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